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This is the podcast that advocates for your right to learn, grow and experience the benefits of cannabis. Are you becoming curious about possible benefits of cannabis? Maybe you don't know where to start. This podcast answers your questions by experts who'll give you the answers you need. Decades of cannabis prohibition has provided a wealth of myths, lies and half-truths. Lets set the record straight.

May 6, 2022

What is True Social Equity #56

In April a group called True Social Equity in Cannabis sued three marijuana multistate operators and an vendor in Illinois federal court. They claiming the four constitute a “Chicago cartel”. Today Anna Anna Rose Ii-Epstein, and Vi Herring discuss how Illinois  has mishandled the issuing of cannabis licenses that has resulted in inequity among applicants and their the right to enter the industry. We also discuss federal legalization and advice on what cannabis professionals can do to help.

The Cannabis Advocate podcast advocates for businesses in the cannabis industry and the explores the unique challenges they face. Despite hurdles in legislation, regulation, and culture, there are tremendous opportunities for growers, manufacturers and retail sellers of cannabis products. Many of these issues are unique to the cannabis industry, This podcast speaks to these common concerns and shares stories of success.

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