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This is the podcast that advocates for your right to learn, grow and experience the benefits of cannabis. Are you becoming curious about possible benefits of cannabis? Maybe you don't know where to start. This podcast answers your questions by experts who'll give you the answers you need. Decades of cannabis prohibition has provided a wealth of myths, lies and half-truths. Lets set the record straight.

Nov 12, 2021

Total Hemp Solutions with Kelly Burke at KifCure

We return to the USA CBD Expo and meet Kelly Burke.  Kelly is the Director of Operations at Kifcure, a total hemp solutions company.  They help farmers get started by developing genetic seeds, seedlings and clones.  Kifcure is skilled in  extraction and infusing the high...

Nov 10, 2021

How To Connect with Charles Johnson

This is a production of Habanero...

Nov 8, 2021

Illinois Cannabis Training Center with Lamar Richardson

This is a production of Habanero...

Nov 3, 2021

Cannabis Lighting Solutions for Bountiful Harvests with Mikhail Sagal


How To Connect with Mikhail Sagal

This is a production of Habanero...

Nov 1, 2021

Our guest today is Alex Gastevich, Vice President of V Gastevich  Investments. Alex gives examples of successful companies in the VGI portfolio, what excites him in the industry and shares advice for entrepreneurs looking to secure capital.

Cannabis Investing in Chicago

VGI is a Chicago based firm with a history of...